National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework for Action 2011-2015


The National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework for Action 2011-2015 (pdf) provides an overarching, national platform to guide future health workforce policy and planning in Australia. It sets out key priority areas and five essential domains (pdf) for innovation and reform to create an integrated, high-performing health workforce.

The framework is used not only by Health Workforce Australia (HWA) to guide much of its work, but also at the national policy level to drive reform.

Key domains and objectives

  1. Health workforce reform for more effective, efficient and accessible service delivery.
    Reform health workforce roles to improve productivity and support more effective, efficient and accessible service delivery models that better address population health needs
  2. Health workforce capacity and skills development
    Develop an adaptable health workforce equipped with the requisite competencies and support that provides team-based and collaborative models of care
  3. Leadership for the sustainability of the health system
    Develop leadership capacity to support and lead health workforce innovation and reform.
  4. Health workforce planning
    Enhance workforce planning capacity, both nationally and jurisdictionally, taking account of emerging health workforce configuration, technology and competencies.
  5. Health workforce policy, funding and regulation
    Develop policy, regulation, funding and employment arrangements that are supportive of health workforce reform.


The National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework for Action was developed by HWA and approved by Australian Health Ministers in August 2011.

HWA developed the framework to fulfil a commitment under the Council of Australian Governments 2008 National Partnership Agreement on Hospital and Health Workforce Reform.

In November 2011 Health Ministers approved an implementation plan for the framework to drive reform and innovation activity by HWA, jurisdictions and other stakeholders.

HWA provides an annual report to Health Ministers on the implementation of the framework which will be published each year following approval by the HWA Board.

Increasingly the framework is being adopted within organisations and across government departments to guide workforce innovation and reform activities at the local level.

The success of the framework relies on continued partnerships and collaboration across sectors and professional boundaries. With continued partnership, this work will support a healthcare system that delivers better health for Australians in the decades to come.

The framework is supported by a background paper.

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