International Health Professionals Program

Health Workforce Australia's (HWA) report Health Workforce 2025 - Doctors, Nurses and Midwives (HW2025) found that there are not enough health professionals in Australia. As a result, we will continue to rely upon the contribution of international health professionals into the future to help meet the healthcare needs for all Australians. The report recommends HWA takes a multi-pronged approach that addresses workforce supply, education, training, immigration, productivity, demand, role redesign, workforce capacity and distribution.

With these objectives in mind, HWA's International Health Professionals Program has implemented a range of projects that intend to:

  • Support a streamlined approach to the attraction, placement and retention of international health professionals.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current measures and develop policy options to achieve improved distribution of health professionals to areas where they are needed the most.
  • Reduce red tape for international health professionals and deliver more health professionals, more quickly and efficiently into practice.
  • Reflect the principles of ethical recruitment and ethical integration of international health professionals into practice.


Health Workforce Australia’s labour market and evidence policy builds on Australia’s growing global competition and ongoing ethical considerations in relation to migrant health professionals.

The International Medical Graduates’ Orientation and Supervision project seeks to identify ways to improve the orientation and supervision program systems for international health professionals.

An international marketing campaign aimed at attracting international health professionals to work in rural and remote Australia.

The program is providing increased capacity to support more international health professionals to achieve registration in Australia.