Our partners

Collaboration is integral to reaching our goal of a sustainable health workforce for Australia. Our partners include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their representative bodies.
  • Consumers and carers.
  • Governments, employers and providers.
  • Health, aged care and disability workers.
  • Health, education and training representative bodies, including regulators and professional associations.
  • Higher education and training sector.
  • Industrial bodies.
Standing Advisory Committees

The four Standing Advisory Committees (SACs) are:

  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Advisory Committee.
  2. Standing Advisory Committee for Health Professions.
  3. Standing Advisory Committee for Higher Education and Training.
  4. Standing Advisory Committee for Non-government Organisations and the Private Sector.

Each committee comprises representatives from key stakeholder organisations within the relevant sector. Each committee is chaired by a Director of the HWA Board, however the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Advisory Committee has adopted a joint chairing arrangement which comprises; one HWA Board Director and one member, currently the CEO of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation.

The main roles of the advisory committees are to provide advice on:

  • Key health workforce issues.
  • Emerging educational and service delivery issues/trends.
  • The development and implementation of HWA programs.
  • Effective stakeholder relation approaches in each sector.

The SACs also provide input into the development of evaluation frameworks for HWA programs, advice on data collection approaches and issues in each sector and assistance with HWA’s strategic planning processes.

Terms of Reference have been developed for each SAC which provide full details on the role and composition of the committee:

For more information on HWA’s SACs, please contact the HWA Secretariat by email at leonie.thomson@hwa.gov.au.

Future Health Leaders

Future Health Leaders (FHL) is a Health Workforce Australia (HWA) initiative which was established in 2011 to ensure the ongoing engagement of students and early-career health professionals in the health reform process.

HWA believes that every student and early-career professional can make a significant contribution to improve the health of all Australians regardless of their location, background or discipline.

FHL is run by a council of some of Australia’s most inspiring young minds including two co-chairs and 23 council members from a variety of health disciplines in rural, remote and metropolitan areas.

The council aims to inspire and empower new ideas on current health issues in Australia and overseas, and ensure that tomorrow’s health leaders are engaged in solving the problems that they will likely inherit.

For more information about FHL and its members please visit the FHL website: futurehealthleaders.org.au

Consumers Health Forum

HWA acknowledges the strong interest consumers have in ensuring the health workforce meets the needs of all Australians in the future and has continued to facilitate consumer input into HWA’s initiatives and programs through an arrangement with the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF), the national peak body representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers.

The partnership between HWA and CHF provides a valuable opportunity for different types of consumer consultation. CHF provides policy advice, assists with the provision of consumer representatives for HWA project advisory groups, provides submissions for various HWA consultations and participates in HWA project workshops. Particular projects CHF has assisted with are the conduct of consumer focus groups for the Health Professionals Prescribing Pathway and Expanded Scopes of Practice programs.

Allied Health Stakeholder Consultative Group

The Allied Health Stakeholder Consultative Group provides advice to HWA on the development of strategic directions for identifying and considering innovative and flexible health workforce solutions for allied health professionals across Australia.

The groups is chaired by HWA's Chief Executive Officer and meets quarterly.